About the Meetup

The Montreal Romance Novel Meetup will be a casual gathering of romance readers and writers from all over August 11-13, 2017. Just a bunch of friends getting together to talk about the books we all love, take in the sights of Montreal, have a few drinks and generally enjoy each other's company for a weekend.

As of the early planning stages, there are no plans for panels, signings, formal banquets or any of the typical convention activities, but we are putting together a list of potential activities to choose from.

That list can be found here so feel free to add something.

Other planning ideas can be added here: Planning Document

If you think you might be able to join us, sign up for the email notification list so you can stay up to date. We know it's a long way off. Joining the list isn't a commitment, just a way for us keep people posted as things develop.

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